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Uniline Metal Wall Panel
Uniline Metal Wall Panel

Uniline Metal Wall Panel

The Englert R-Series uniline 1.25 inch metal wall panel system, the staple of the metal building industry, combines strength with a deep, wide panel profile for a clean, bold look. This exposed fastener metal wall panel features an exposed fastener, is easy to install and is designed for maximum durability with tightly bonded and tough finishes.

The R-Series 1.25 inch exposed fastener metal wall panel is also available in a wide variety of coatings and colors.

R-Series Wall Panel Details

  • Structural
  • Architectural detail capability
  • Florida building code compliant
  • Horizontal or vertical application
  • ASTM-E283
  • ASTM-E330
  • ASTM-E331
  • ASTM-E84
  • Exposed Fastener

Color Chart

Englert is one of the few single-source metal roof manufacturers with an in-house paint line. Whether the design calls for a natural weathered appearance or bright, high-performance, full-strength fluorocarbon colors, we’ve got a color for every project.

Bone White

Stone White


Sierra Tan

Dove Grey

Slate Grey

Charcoal Grey

Patina Green

Everglade Moss

Hemlock Green

Forest Green

Hartford Green

Slate Blue

Pacific Blue

Royal Blue

Sunnet Blue

Matte Black

Medium Bronze

Dark Bronze

Mansard Brown


Terra Cotta

Colonial Red

Deep Red

Galvalume-Plus(Mill Finish)

Galvalume-Plus(Mill Finish)

Champagne (Metallic)

Champagne (Metallic)

Preweathered Galvalume (Mill Finish)

Preweathered Galvalume (Mill Finish)

Copper (Metallic)

Copper (Metallic)

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