MetalMan 770 7” Box Gutter Machine

Part #01321P

The MetalMan 770 7" Box Gutter machine is designed for use in commercial and light industrial applications where an attractive, yet functional, rain carrying system is required.

Its large 7" trough is capable of handling high volumes of water that are typically found draining from larger commercial roof installations. Separate polyurethane drive roller system drives all materials up to 24 gauge steel through the machine with ease. Chromed free floating forming rollers eliminate the excessive pressure of driven forming rollers of yesterday, allowing a much wider variety of materials to be run through the machine, with little or no adjustments.

MetalMan 770 7” Box Gutter Machine

Double rack and pinion shear and hardened tool steel cutting dies ensure long life and easy cutting of all materials up to 24 gauge steel. The MetalMan 770 also features a new free flow attachment that makes a hook on the back of the gutter material so it can be attached to fascia board.

Technical Data

  • Data

    • Length – 183 in. (15.25’).
    • Width – 30 in.
    • Height – 20 in.
  • Power

    • 1.5HP, 110V, 1 Phase TEFC Motor conditions. Dedicated powered polyurethane drive rollers via chains and sprockets.
  • Shear

    • Mechanical guillotine using double rack and pinion system.
  • Speed

    • Approximately 45 feet per minute.
  • Controls

    • Reversing drum switch with entry and exit end emergency stop switches.
  • Forming

    • Factory set free floating chromed forming rollers.
  • Maximum Gauge of Materials Formed

    • Galvanized Steel – 22 gauge.
    • Aluminum – .040 in. (.81 mm)
    • Copper – 20 oz. 3/4 hard.


  • Free floating chromed forming rollers.
  • Patented mechanical guillotine utilizing double rack and pinion shear.
  • Exit end forward and reverse drum switch.
  • Two independently mounted expandable arbors.
  • Limited 5-year parts warranty.
  • Runs aluminum, copper, painted or galvanized steel.
  • Operation and adjustment manual.
  • Welded tubular steel frame.

Available Options

  • 4" Outside-bend flange Unit.
  • Free-float unit.
  • Gutter stands.
  • Heavy Duty Dual Axle Trailer.

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