RAS TURBObend Plus Folding System

Part #

An extremely clever tooling system offers box production capabilities for up to 110 mm deep boxes. These tools come in two different shapes: the front free tool for long return flanges and rear-free tools for narrow parts. All goatsfoot tools are clamped to the upper clamping beam with a quick-lock system. In addition, the folding beam tools can be also segmented.

For really simple handling the unique CNC color graphics control offers a set-up instruction to the operator. It shows the required tool segments and their position within the beam.

RAS TURBObend Plus Folding System

The 15" Touch&More control is extremely simple to operate. With the revolutionary RAS programming the operator can use his finger as a pencil. He simply paints a flange and sizes it to the right dimension and angle. He can see the shape of the finished part on the screen.

The CADalyzer automatically creates the program using the part drawing. A bend sequence simulation shows if the part can be produced. The CADalyzer shows the program, the finished part and the actual bend sequence all at a time.

Technical Data

  • Technical Data

    • Length: 4320 mm 170.0".
    • Width: 1400 mm 55.1".
    • Height: 1380 mm 54.3".
    • Weight: 2500 kg 5.500 lbs.
    • Working Height: 850 mm 33.5".
    • Sheet Thickness Max. (at 400 N/mm2): 1.5 mm 16 Ga.
    • Working Length – 3150 mm / 124 in.
  • More Data

    • Backgauge Depth (Standard) – 8-1000 mm / 0.315 in.-40 in.
    • Backgauge Accuracy – +/- 0.15 mm +/- 0.006 in.
    • Upper Beam Open Height – 120 mm 4.725 in.
    • CNC Folding Beam Adjustment – 5.5 mm 0.2 in.
    • Air Pressure – 5.5 bar 73 PSI.
    • Drive Power Total – 3 kW 4 hp.
  • Speed

    • # Backgauge Accuracy: +/- 0.15 mm +/- 0.006".
    • Upper Beam Open Height: 120 mm 4.725".
    • CNC Folding Beam Adjustment: 5.5 mm 0.2".
    • Air Pressure: 5.5 bar 73 PSI.
    • Drive Power Total: 3 kW 4 hp


  • The back fingers design allows easy and mar free turning of the workpiece.
  • From the rear, the TURBObend offers a compact backgauge for a small overall footprint.
  • With the front spring steel fingers (Standard) you will produce hems without irregulations on the material surface.
  • The solid front fingers and the machined lower beam tool (option) is the optimum configuration, when things can sometimes get a bit rough.

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